Takahashi Hidenori



High Concept: Ambitious Eastern Temple Warrior

Trouble: Supremely Arrogant

Enforcer of the Council’s Editcts

Master of the Tanbō of Authority

Jonin of the Crouching Tigers


Superb +5: Haste

Great +4: Focus, Guile

Good +3:

Fair +2: Force

Average +1: Flair

Mediocre +0: Intellect


Tao-Chi: Mystic Martial Arts (Supernatural Scale)

The legends of Asia tell of men and women who could perform wondrous feats through the application of their inner strength, their Chi. These Powers have now become a common staple of movies and television. These abilities are as real as the power of magic and of the mind. Adepts of Tao-Chi, the Way of the Soul, can use their Essence and channel it through their bodies to transcend the physical limits of Mundane humankind.


Chi Mastery: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Chi Mastery is both a power and a way of looking at the world. Characters with Chi Mastery have developed a special rapport with the world, one that transcends physical and spiritual limits. Mark a box when using certain stunts provided by this mantle. Recover one box at the conclusion of any scene in which you do not mark a box. Recover two boxes at the start of a new session. Spend a scene in meditation, without interruption, to regain all boxes of Chi Mastery.

Hurt (sticky): [ 4 ]

Mark this condition to absorb four shifts of physical harm. Recovery requires at least one scene of downtime at full rest, obtaining medical attention, binding wounds, Chi Healing et cetera.


Chi Harmony:

Even without using their special Tao-Chi Powers, a Chi Master is very difficult to surprise, dominate or intimidate, due to her inner balance and harmony with reality. In the course of a game, Chi Mastery can be used to perceive the presence of Supernatural beings, and to forewarn the character about likely attacks and ambushes. Mark a box of Chi Mastery to gain one of the following:

  • Gain a +2 with Focus to resist social or even supernatural forms of mental domination or coercion for a scene.
  • Gain a bonus of +2 to detect the supernatural nature of a subject for an exchange. This will not tell them what kind of supernatural the subject is. Only that they are touched by forces outside the normal course of nature.
  • Gain a bonus of +2 for a scene to detect ambushes or any intention to harm the character.


Chi Strike:

Chi Masters can disrupt a person’s natural flow of Essence by striking specific pressure points. Chi Strike combines the “mundane” application of pressure point attacks with Essence manipulation. Spend a point of Chi Mastery to gain a +2 to a Create Advantage (usually related to paralyzing limbs) or Attack roll using Focus or Intellect.

Focus Chi:

Chi practitioners can channel their Power through their bodies and greatly increase their physical strength, speed and vitality. These masters can lift great weights and inflict and endure devastating blows. When strength, endurance or sheer speed is requisite, call upon your chi to gain a bonus of +2 per box of Chi Mastery marked.

Living Weapon:

Unarmed attacks are worth +1 shift on a successful hit and may have scale (page 182) at GM discretion.

Cloak of Shadows:

You can see perfectly in the dark and are immune to any potential effect of normal or magical darkness. Additionally, once per session, you may declare that you automatically succeed at hiding from any non-magical attempt to spot you, provided you have a nearby shadow to hide in.

Tanbō of Authority

Constructed with the blessings of the gods, the wielder of the Tanbō of Authority enjoys the respect of the supernatural community. Receive +1 to all Social actions against NPCs who recognize the Tanbō . This bonus does not apply to openly hostile NPCs. The wielder also gains a level of Scale against demons and Jade Court Vampires and any others who are vulnerable to Holy magics.


Few know of the newest leader of the Eastern Temple who took the position from the very popular REVEREND CHARLIE a few years ago. It is known that he carries the Tanbō of Authority formerly wielded by Osamu Nishimura (西村修). Who has not been seen in years. Many speculate that the arrogant and violent Takahashi killed the Tanbō’s former master but there is no evidence to substantiate that rumor. Takahashi leads the Tora Sagami clan. They dispatch threats to the Conclave of Emerald with zeal. Whether those threats are real or not is a point of some contention.

Takahashi Hidenori

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