Stacie Keene




Veteran Warden of the Vampire War


Recovering from the War


By the Book

Magic is a Subtle Science, But Exact Craft

Courier of the White Council


Great + 4:

Good +3: Focus

Fair +2: Intellect

Average +1: Flair, Force, Guile, Haste

Mediocre +0:




Exhausted (sticky): [ ]

Check this condition to boost your magical power, as described by the Evocation stunt. When you are Exhausted, the GM has one boost to use against you in any scene in which your fatigue may be used against you. Clearing Exhausted, of course, requires an active effort to rest. The GM may allow this recovery to occur between any two scenes involving a sufficient time jump.

Burned Out (lasting): [ ]

Check this condition to further boost your magical power, as described by the Evocation stunt. If Burned Out, you cannot use magic, period, until fully recovered. Begin recovery by eating, meditating, or otherwise deliberately resting as per the Exhausted condition. Recover fully at the end of the following session.

The Third Eye (sticky): [ ]

Mark this condition when utilizing your magical Sight to view the mystical, true world overlaid on the material world. While the condition is marked checked, your memory is eidetic and the following are true:

  • You view everything as a metaphorical expression of its true nature.
  • The Sight ignores supernatural disguises or glamours and grants no guidance in interpretation of what is seen.



As a wizard, you can cast magical spells comprising the five elements: fire, air, earth, water, and spirit. In game terms, you may perform any of the four basic actions with spectacular magical effects such as defending with a shield of ice or creating an advantage by shifting earth beneath the opponent’s feet. Your actions may have scale (page 182) at the GM’s discretion. If desired, push yourself to increase the spell’s effect as follows:

  • Check a stress box for +1 or two boxes for +2 on any one magical action. You may check only two boxes at a time.
  • Mark Exhausted to add +4 to any single magical action or to attack multiple targets magically without dividing your roll (page 190).
  • Mark Burned Out to gain +2 to all magical actions for the rest of the scene or, if Exhausted is already checked, to attack multiple targets with magic without having to divide your roll.

These benefits are cumulative: if you mark two stress boxes and both conditions, you could do a single magical action at +8, and then have +2 to all magical actions for the rest of the scene.


You excel at ritual magic (page 168). Add +2 to the preparation roll for any ritual.


When looking someone directly in the eye for more than a few seconds, you peer into their soul and they likewise see into yours. The exchange manifests itself as a cryptic vision. Make an Intellect roll, opposed by their Intellect roll; the winner learns one concrete, useful piece of information about the other individual, or two things if they succeed with style. On a tie, each person learns something. These things can be advantages with a free invoke at the GM’s discretion.


White Council Membership:

As a member wizard in good standing, once per session, you may contact the White Council to request assistance. The GM determines what aid, if any, is given and the cost thereof. If the favor is great, the GM may impose the Indebted condition with multiple boxes checked; you must recover from the condition before again using the White Council Membership stunt.

Warden (requires White Council Membership):

You have the mandate and authority to track down and mete out lethal justice to those who violate the Laws of Magic (page 78).

  • Gain +2 to attacks against anyone designated a sorcerer by said violation(s).


In Peril (sticky): [ 4 ]
Doomed (lasting): [ 6 ]
Indebted: [ ? ][ ? ][ ? ][ ? ][ ? ]

Spent Refresh: 1

STRESS: [ 1 ][ 1 ][ 1 ][ 1 ][ 1 ][ 1 ]


Stacy grew up in quite little Issaquah with only one love: Books. Books and guys who like girls who like books.

Stacy’s foray into the Supernatural world came when she ran out of books at the local Friendly Local Neighborhood Book Store and went into the restricted section. She found a copy of Ebenezer McCoy’s Elementary Magic. At first she thought it was some neat metaphysical ranting until she tried it and it worked. A few days after her first evocation(A Fireball of some kind) she discovered a cypher in the back to the book that gave instructions on how to contact the Local Warden, who at the time was John Youngblood II.

Stacy accepted the White Council immediately since it beat the hell out of Issaquah.

Stacy went to the Warden Training Camps and spent some time getting trained by the younger generation of Wardens. All of them told those camp-fire stories of Dresden and Ramirez….. a very formative period. She found her talents in Magic.

The strongest, most consistent lesson given to her during that time was that it pays to be prepared. "Two is One, One is None. " so say the Special Forces and one of the guys at camp who was in the Special Forces before he was a Wizard.

After her training Stacie served in the War against the Red Court seeing action all over the world. It has been two years since the war ended but she is still haunted by the what she saw. By what she did. She is strong willed and does a good job hiding the scars left on her from those terrible days.

Stacie Keene

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