Massive Blackthorn Demon

Fire is my only weakness
Corrupting Black Mold
Deadly Branches and Roots
The Fetid Corruption of the Powerful


Superb +5: Force
Great + 4: Focus
Good +3: Flair, Guile, Intellect
Fair +2: Haste


BRANCH & ROOT: (Otherwordly Scale) [ 2 ] [ 2 ] [ 2 ] [ 2 ] [ 2 ]

Instead of taking stress Sebassis may choose to sacrifice a branch or root to absorb up to two stress of damage. As long as it has two or more branches and roots to attack a single target Sebassis gains scale in the attack. He can target multiple foes up to 4 zones away with each of his limbs or combine two or more per opponent to gain scale.

ON FIRE: [ ]

To light the demon on fire requires an Create Advantage roll of +2 and the right tools for the job. If Sebassis is on Fire mark this condition. While this condition is marked he cannot use his branches and roots to attack multiple targets and loses his scale in his attacks. He will also lose control of his Lunatisidhe for a time until the flames are out. To put out a fire requires an overcome roll of +4.


Black Mold attacks at +2 all targets in a zone doing normal stress. If a target is taken out they become slaves of Sebassis and come under his direct control. Wearing a gas mask or other kind of protection negates this attack.

STRESS: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

In Peril: [ 4 ]
Doomed: [ 6 ]


The Kabbalic demon Sebassis is said to be associated with blackthorns and a black corruption.

In Celtic myth Blackthorns are called Straiife. The Origin of the word Strife. They are associated with Dark Side of the Year, witches wands and sealing deals with the Devil.

Sebassis is said to be guarded by Lunatisidhe. They are recently dead who were murdered (usually because of the black mold and corruption that Sebassis creates causing a murderous rage) and want revenge for their wrongful deaths. Sebassis is said to both fuel their revenge and feed on their corrupted blood.

He is also said to fuel the ambitions and desires of the greedy and power hungry granting them fortune in their endeavors. At least for a short time. In the end his “gifts” always turn sour causing violence and the strife he is known for.

NOTE: This writeup is for Sebassis in a captive relatively low powered state. At full strength he is assumed to be far more formidable.


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