Sam Volkov



HIGH CONCEPT: Police Detective With The SOUL of a Wolf

INVOKE: Anything related to being a Cop or using the Power of the Wolf inside of him.

COMPEL: As a Detective he has responsibilities. As a growing wolf, Sam is budding power ripe for the things out there…

TROUBLE: Making Up For a Lifetime of Debts and Misdeeds

INVOKE: To do the right thing.

COMPEL: When one of his past mistakes comes back to bite him or he has to make a hard choice.

ASPECT: The Bratva’s Former Goldenboy

INVOKE: To use his status and knowledge of the Family Business.

COMPEL: You can’t turn your back on your family or your obligations that easy.

ASPECT: Newfound Love & Life

INVOKE: To do the right thing and get good in return.

COMPEL: That new life is vulnerable. He has to spread the love.

ASPECT: A Nose For Trouble

INVOKE: To get Sam into the action no matter what and keep him on the case.

COMPEL: Sam can’t let go…



Phase I (Where did you come from?)

Samuil Volkov Is the third born and only Son of the a family from Saint Petersburg. On the surface, Sam Volkov is an average SPD detective. Good at his job and dedicated to his community, its people and his work.

Beneath the surface, Sam comes from an Ancient Family Line that has gifted him with a second growing soul. The Soul of a Wolf. Once linked to an Old God, Chernabog.

The wolf inside of Sam drives more of his personality than he realizes.

His Oldest Sister Ana(stasia), a Ballet Dancer, likes him.

His Older Sister Oksana, hero worships him because he was the first American int he family.

His Younger Step Sister Olga Hates him because he is not related to her.

and his Youngest Sister (Half Sister) Xenia Hero Worships him as big brother.

His mother died when he was very young under mysterious circumstances, forcing him to rebel when his father remarried.

Samuil Volkov grew up in the suburbs of Seattle and amounted to little more than a Mohawked Teenage Biker in a speedmetal band.

When he realized to late that his Metal Band would get him girls, but not through college, he got involved with bad people. The Vory…

The Vory were good to him and he was good to them back.

As he grew into young adulthood his temper flared. He hated almost everyone. The only thing he valued was vengeance.

Eventually he got deep in debt with the Vory and he needed to repay it.

So, he became a cop…

As a rookie in the Seattle Police Department, Sam Volkov was a corrupt as they came. Brutal, indulgent and more than willing to play dirty politics.

He made enemies those first two years (including a fellow officer who wants him dead) and one friend, DETECTIVE JOHNNY WILLOCK, who showed him how things were done in SPD.

His third year, he got a big collar in the form of a lieutenant in the now defunct Cross Street Kings Street Gang.

The following year, he pissed off even more people and yet another person wanted him dead.

Phase II (What Shaped You?)

Last winter, Sam Volkov was a first responder to the bust of a strange gathering of a local Biker Gang called The Pack They had been spotted in a warehouse and he was the first one through the door. He felt something wash over him and nearly passed out at the scene.

The next morning, Sam started feeling different. Over the next few days his anger faded. He started seeing people different. Sympathizing with them more.

He quit drinking, taking drugs. He quit taking money from bad people.

He met the love of his life, Lizzy.

Then he got finally got his Detective Position.

Phase III (Your First Adventure) – The Thin Blue Line

Sam Volkov is now partnered with Detective Sam Vasquez and the pair still don’t trust each other. Volkov suspects that Avila is fishing while Vasquez keeps hearing rumors

Phase IV: Craig Big Eagle & Old Joe Rizzo

Craig Big Eagle once asked Patrolman Volkov to help him find who robbed Scarecrow Video in the U-District when Captain Clark was of no help.

Sam helped bring the guy in, but not all of the merchandise that he stole…

Phase V: (Also Guest Starring): Callisto & Eric Laufey

Dozer once had a dispute with Eric Laufey over the timeframe and price for “parts for a vintage motorcycle” he just attained or at least that’s what Sam heard. Callisto acted as a go between and paid Volkov to… grease the wheels. As it turns out, the affair involved more than just Motorcycle parts…

Sam Volkov

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