Outsider Tentacles


Concept: Outsider Infiltrator and Sabatour
Trouble: Blood Thurst
Aspect: Only Tentacles
Aspect: Portal Striker
Aspect: Cunning Preditor

Scale 1:

Each Tentacle has its rating as a unified skill and a stress pool based on its frequency on rolling every possible 4 + 4dF.

It resists general actions with highest tentacle not yet destroyed.

Stress 1

Stress 4

Stress 10

Stress 16

Stress 19

Stress 16

Stress 10

Stress 4

Stress 1

Lives in the neverever only.

Can send tentacles accross.
Can sense range 2.
Rolls 1dF for each tentacles each turn to attack via portal on a +, up to range 1. Random target in range.
Destroyed tentacles don’t act.
In neverever, all tentacles act.
Dies at no tentacles.
No Conditions

Need aspect to attack portal tentacles. Invoke for effect to be able to or if aspect exists, can roll to meet or beat tentacle defense to be able to attack (approach based on aspect, Haste is an option).

Outsider Tentacles

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