Naomi Abara



Intrepid Investigative Reporter

Informants Throughout the City

Won’t Back Down

I Have Seen Things You Wouldn’t Believe


Great + 4:
Good +3: Guile
Fair +2: Intellect
Average +1: Focus
Mediocre +0: Flair, Force, Haste


Reporter (Mundane Scale)


Press Credentials (special): [ x ]

This condition is always marked, unless you are Off the Air. You have official credentials from your news organization that identify you as a legitimate member of your profession. As a result, you almost never have to explain why you’re at a particular place, and will almost always be given the opportunity to explain your presence and convince people to let you remain if you’re caught somewhere you aren’t normally authorized to be. Your use of these credentials is subject to review by the news organization; abusing them could take you Off the Air.

Off the Air (sticky): [ ]

Mark this when you have damaged your relationship with the news organization you work for. They pull your credentials—while you are Off the Air, you may not take advantage of any stunts or conditions associated with this mantle. Recover when you’ve made sufficient restitution to your organization (the GM will tell you what’s required), or when you’ve managed to convince a different organization to hire you.


Journalist Favors:

Mark two boxes of Indebted with your organization to gain access to a place or person otherwise inaccessible or to obtain secret/ guarded information without having to roll. If you choose to roll and you fail, you may mark two boxes of Indebted to ignore that result and succeed regardless. At the GM’s discretion, any information you acquire is an advantage with two free invokes.

Word on the Street:

You are in constant communication with informants on your beat. When you use Intellect to create an advantage based on their reports, the aspect gains an extra invoke.

Media Frenzy:

Once per scenario, mark five Indebted boxes with your organization to initiate a media storm around a target of your choice. For the rest of the scenario, when asked, the GM must provide the location of the target unless they disappear into the Nevernever or a supernaturally protected space. You also create an aspect for the frenzy, which you can invoke once for free in any scene in which you interact with people directly related to the frenzy.


Yellow Rag:

Your media organization investigates the supernatural. Add +2 to your roll when you use Intellect to overcome an obstacle related to a discovery about the supernatural.


Naomi Abara is an experienced reporter for the Seattle Times and The Stranger, Seattle’s bi-weekly alternate newspaper. She is known for being tenacious and for her hard-hitting investigations into local politicians and has exposed corruption throughout the region. She has also run across the spooky and unexplained on multiple occasions and, while skeptical, is open to the idea of the supernatural world.

Naomi Abara

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