Lisa Shan


Lisa is just a humble Historian of the Community, who is Not Clued-in in The Least. Lisa does her part to go around town to find pieces of history for the museum. What she doesn’t know might actually get her killed someday. But until then, she’s just an academic. Fortunately for her the Shan family line has a guardian.

Over 800 years ago Solomon Castostrani committed a heinous act against the Shan family and was cursed because of it. He has taken it as a duty to watch over the descendants of those he wronged and looks out for Lisa and her young child.

Lisa recently lost her husband, Roger Sims, whom she married to establish US Citizenship, during the Cauldron of Murder case.

She was framed for a theft from the Seattle Asian Art Museum in the The Jade Eyed Demon case but was exonerated by Solomon along with her attorney David Clay and his assistant, Charles Kress.

Lisa Shan

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