Leif Wotensen





On a Steel Horse I Ride

Doctor Hero

Sacrificed for the 18 Runes


Good +3: Intellect

Fair +2: Flair, Focus

Average +1: Force, Guile

Mediocre +0: Haste


SCION (Supernatural Scale)

One of your parents was a lesser god, or,perhaps, you are the grandchild of a greater god or maybe you still haven’t fully developed your potential as the child of divinity. You were born with exceptional abilities but also have a mortal life. Create your character according to a Pure Mortal mantle of your choosing and then add the conditions and stunts below.

Your actions generally have Supernatural Scale.


Divine Power (sticky): [ – ][ – ][ – ][ – ][ – ]

You have the power of the Gods running through your veins. Mark a box when using certain stunts provided by this mantle. Mark 3 boxes to have a friendly NPC connected to your God appear and offer aid or information. Once per scenario, you may mark all 5 boxes to operate at Otherworldly Scale for a scene. Recover one box at the conclusion of any scene in which you do not mark a box. Recover two boxes at the start of a new session.


Inhuman Recovery:

Outside of a conflict, mark a box of Divine Power to treat a sticky condition relating to physical injury as if it were fleeting.


As a doctor, nurse, EMT, or medical examiner, you have access to life-saving medical training and credentials.


Medical License (special): [ x ] :

This condition is always marked, unless your license is not active (see below). You are licensed to practice medicine and you have access to privileges afforded to medical professionals alone. These privileges allow:

  • Access to medical records and background for any patient designated as being under your care.
  • Ability to write prescriptions and/or access to a wide variety of pharmaceutical substances.
  • Use of resources at any medical facility to diagnose and treat a patient under your care.


First Aid:

During any physical conflict, spend a fate point to clear out all of a character’s stress boxes, provided they choose not to take action for one exchange, even to defend. You cannot use this ability on yourself.

Medical Care:

Given time and supplies, you can treat more serious injuries, allowing you to make recovery actions for others. Gain +2 to any attempt to perform a recovery action on behalf of another character, provided you are located at a legitimate medical facility and have sufficient time to treat the injured. If rushed or operating in less than ideal conditions, you may still attempt Medical Care but without the bonus. You may attempt this stunt only once per session for a given injury.


Sleipnir Motorcycle:

Lief has an item of power that is an aspect of Odin’s steed, Sleipnir. But instead of manifesting as an 8 legged horse it manifests as a powerful, stylish, custom motorcycle that can drive over any surface (water, up walls etc.), travel between worlds and even fly short distances. It can also come to Lief if he calls it.

  • By checking a box of Divine Power, Lief and/or Sleipnir may conveniently arrive in a scene in a manner and time of his choosing without consideration of time or distance. They may also cross over into the NeverNever.
  • By checking a box of Divine Power, Lief may ride Sleipnir over any surface (across water, up a wall etc) for a scene.
  • By checking a box of Divine Power, Lief may urge Sleipnir to fly for an exchange rendering inconsequential certain movement-related obstacles. Gain +2 to rolls in any situation in which flight is advantageous.
Wisdom of Urd:

Odin gave an eye for cosmic knowledge, and you may check a box of Divine Power to add +1 on any action requiring a display of knowledge or when solving mysteries.

Rune Magic:
  • Rune of Lightning +2 Flair Attacks
  • Rune of Fate +2 Intellect Create Advantages relating to the target’s wyrd.

STRESS: [ 1 ][ 1 ][ 1 ][ 1 ][ 1 ][ 1 ]


In Peril (sticky): [ 4 ]

You may mark the In Peril condition whenever you are hit by an attack. Negate up to four shifts of damage from the attack and then create an aspect that describes how the attack causes damage not easily shaken off (such as a Broken Leg or Shattered Reputation). Whoever inflicted the condition is awarded a free invoke on that aspect. Recover from In Peril when you act deliberately to resolve the peril: medical attention for an injury, a bribe to erase the slight on your reputation. This typically entails overcoming an obstacle against an opposition of Great (+4) or higher.

Doomed (lasting): [ 6 ]

You may mark the Doomed condition whenever you are hit by an attack. Negate up to six shifts of damage from the attack and then create an aspect that describes how the attack has rendered you almost helpless, such as Bleeding Out or Ready to Embrace the Dark Side. Whoever inflicted the condition is awarded a free invoke on that aspect. Recover from Doomed when you act deliberately to resolve the doom: emergency medical attention, the intervention of a White Council healer skilled in mental magic, or something similar. This typically entails overcoming an obstacle against an opposition of Great (+4) or higher. Clear out Doomed at the end of the next session after you’ve started recovery. If Doomed is checked and you are taken out (page 189), death is one of the possible outcomes.

Spent Refresh: 2



Leif grew up with a rather nice childhood. Although only his mother was around, he wanted for little. They always seemed to have money, he did well in school, made friends easily, and had frequent runs of good luck. Whether nature or nurture, as he aged he came into a genuinely kind soul. When he realized not everyone around him was as lucky, he often desired to help them. All during his life, he was surrounded by minor supernatural occurrences, but never thought anything of it. In his late teens, he learned that the supernatural had teeth, and there was more to the world that his sheltered life.


Odin has many half-mortal children, and often tries to provide a nice, easy life for those who don’t know better. Every so often, the supernatural world threatens one. If they survive, and they have potential, Odin visits them and reveals much. After fending of an attack from some sort of wolf-thing that was trying to eat him and some friends, Leif learned of his parentage. Odin helped Leif realize some of his inherent power. He was then taken by Odin for training in the mystic arts. Leif proved a quick study, but couldn’t fully comprehend the subtlies of the runes without sacrifice. He was brought to the world tree in the Nevernever, where he endured the same trial as his father – he hung for nine days, impaled on a spear, and he knew suffering. After the trial, he traded his third eye to the tree, which released him and dripped dew (water from the well of knowledge) to refresh him. He gained the insight of the 18 Runes of magic, and a penchant for prophecy, a lesser version of his fathers knowledge of past, present, and future. The Sight, however, was forever lost to him. Initially he used his newfound powers to persue pet causes, personal gain, and indulgence. He felt he deserved his, and was still rather young. Soon after, however, he sobered to the truth of reality and the misfortune of others, and gradually devoted himself to help others defy the misfortune fate dictated for them.


Once his ordeal with his father was over, Lief lost himself to wondering and a little bit of ‘hell-raising’. Overwhelmed by his new awareness of fate and awash in new power, Leif’s dark side surfaced (which in all honesty wasn’t very dark at all). Still, he spent some time indulging his whims, brooding, and trying to take his mind off the gravity of things. His father knew this would be a rough patch for Leif, and the trials to come, and thus sent him Slepnir to aid him. Leif got into a a number of small ‘adventures’ during this time, which let him flex his newfound powers, and also eventually brought him back to his senses. He was determined that fate would not make all effort for naught – free will would stand for something. And his will was to make life better for people. He then studied pre-med for a while, before returning home, but didn’t forget the time he spent wondering, ‘lost’. All of life’s experience has its lessons.
When Jack Youngblood came across Lief Wotensen, the son of Odin, in the NeverNever his curiosity got the better of him. He followed him and somehow ended up on the Bifrost Bridge on his way to Asgard itself! Riding on the back of the magical motorcycle, Sliepnir, the two of them had grand adventures across the fabled realm of the Norse Gods. It slowly dawned on them that they were pawns in a grand and deadly scheme conceived by the most devious mind in the 9 Worlds. But was that Odin the All Father or Loki Prince of Lies?


Shortly after moving back to his native Seattle, disaster struck. Distraught by the suffering of so many, and angered by the predation of opportunists, Leif aided rescue efforts as much as possible. But when the runes reveal a supernatural organization using the chaos to run amok, he must decide how to deal with them, without bringing more danger to those he is trying to help.
Leif Wotensen, the son of Odin and resident at the University of Washington Medical Center, was about to have a very bad day. All around him he could perceive the Fate’s of his colleagues and patients. They were all the same. Death. Realizing that he could not accept that, Lief grabbed Eric Laufey, pulling him along to help prevent disaster. They join hero cop Roy Mullinex and martial arts master Osamu Nishimura to stand against the madness brought on by an ancient evil and its cannibal thralls. Teaming up with a reluctant old pal, Eric Laufey, Leif proves to be as much as a do-gooder as he seems. Perhaps not all hope is lost in this world of ours?


STORY TITLE: The Players

Recently, Leif has gotten into some more violent scraps. As he’s grown older, he’s grown into his power, and the legend of his bloodline becomes more dominant. He often exhibits a bloodthirsty rage when in conflicts, especially ones where his emotions run high. While this can lend him a savage strength he isn’t used to, can Leif rein in the ferocity he’s inherited? Will his more sober side prevail when it really matters, or will his instinctual savagery cause harm to befall him and/or those he cares for?

Leif Wotensen

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