JJ Mercer








Good +3: Haste, Flair

Fair +2: Force, Guile

Average +1: Focus, Intellect


White Court Vampire (Supernatural Scale)


Vampire Heritage (unique): [x]

You are a member of a White Court family, and thus this condition is always marked. Select one of the known hungers and its associated house (lust for House Raith, fear for House Malvora, despair for House Skavis) or create another house with GM permission.

Burned by True Emotion (sticky): [ ] Pg. 166

While you are Burned by True Emotion, you may not recover from any other conditions reflecting physical injury. Recover from this condition after an entire session has passed; if you suffer the burn in the middle of one session, in other words, you do not recover until the middle of the next session.

Hungry (sticky): [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

You must feed on someone’s emotional energy using your Emotional Vampire stunt, in three degrees of intensity:

  • Take a tiny amount from many sources over time. (Example: As a phobophage, Genevieve keeps Hungry at bay by absorbing fear emitted by her patients in the trauma ward.) With enough time between sessions, you may automatically clear a box before the next session starts.
  • Your victim takes a condition representing emotional or psychological harm. Clear 2 Hungry boxes for a sticky condition, 4 for a lasting one.
  • Your victim dies. Clear Hungry.


Family Favors:

Mark Indebted to call upon your White Court affiliation for favors. One box grants automatic success to a task (provided it is without risk) without having to roll or play out a scene. Two boxes pays for one cost for a ritual spell (page 172) or provides NPCs or a magical resource to assist with a dangerous task. If at least three boxes are unmarked, mark the entire track for the Court to intervene on your behalf and resolve a situation utterly unresolvable under your own power. This action requires formally petitioning the head of your family and convincing them that the intervention is in their best interest.

Emotional Aura:

Paragon of sexual emotions. Gain +1 on any action that this passive aura would aid, with the exception of the Emotional Vampire stunt.

Emotional Vampire:

Use Force or Haste to Create an Advantage to grab target (Incite Emotion). Subsequent attacks create emotion for feeding and gain scale. Pg. 167

Vampiric Toughness:

Mark one box of Hungry to absorb two shifts from a physical attack.

Vampiric Recovery:

Outside of conflict, mark one box of Hungry to clear a sticky condition, or two boxes to begin recovery from a lasting condition. These conditions must represent physical injury.


Vampiric Physique:

Strength and speed gain +2 per box of Hungry marked. Gain scale on actions involving them as well.

Incite Emotion:
You may use your Emotional Vampire stunt against anyone visible to you. Contact is no longer mandated.

Jean Jacques Mercer

The eldest son of Aaron Mercer he grew up in exile from Seattle living in New Orleans. There he became a police officer using his vampire abilities to feed on those who wouldn’t be missed while using his influence as a cop to cover up any crimes. He is the current Champion of the Mercer family although Delilah Montague often does most of the dirty work. The two have a decent working relationship despite their family’s rivalries.

JJ Mercer

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