Jian Ju-long



Horse Faced Demon Guardian of the Underworld

Comprehend what is Incomprehensible

There is always a next time


Horse-Face (Jian Ju-long) : Decadent style and dark insight are reflected in every aspect of Jian. This powerful Guardian knows and acts with an almost noble grace. Wearing black suits, and never forgetting his Stallion headed cane, his upright walk and captivating eyes leave his appearance difficult to forget. His aristocratic and noble face are reminders of the ancient power of the Asian mystics.

Speaking with this enigmatic man is no less than feeling the presence of ancient knowledge. Still, Jian will perfectly ignore the unspeakable secrets he must know to direct his full attention to whom he converses with. Eloquent, graceful and attentive to the last detail, he still invokes a feeling of insufficiency and caution, invoking everyone’s survival instincts.

Jian Ju-long

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