Hobo Henry



Terrifying Apparition
A Memory of Who I Was


Skilled at (+2): Scaring People, Escaping, Sneaking up on you
Bad at (-2): Communicating and Understanding the Living
Skilled at Opposing (+2): Guile, Intellect

Stress & Conditions

Stress [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

A Ghost/Spirit Mantle

Ectoplasmic Cohesion (Sticky) [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Mark a box to power ghostly stunts. Many actions taken by ghosts require more effort in the real world. The ghost overcomes this effort by utilizing part of the energy that keeps it formed and sentient. Clear one box per session. Clear two boxes if you engage with you Anchor. Depleting EC means that the ghost is weak and faded. It is now invisible to mortals and cannot affect the physical world in any way.

Anchor Away (Sticky) [ ]

Mark this box if another being lays claim to your Anchor. You cannot use any ghost stunts against the bearer of your Anchor nor can you recover any boxes of Ectoplasmic Cohesion unless permitted to do so by the bearer of your Anchor.

Intangible (Special) [ ]

Ghosts are always insubstantial and can pass through walls, floors and other solid objects with impunity barring any Thresholds. Crossing a threshold will inflict its rating in boxes of Ectoplasmic Cohesion, then stress, then conditions every round.

Core Stunts


Mark a box of Ectoplasmic Cohesion (EC) to be able to physically interact with the physical world for a single action. This does not make you material but simply allows your will to manifest in the physical world. This can be any physical action from an attack to writing a message in the dust on a table.

Additional Stunts

Home Body

When interacting with the physical world on your home turf (usually where you died or were killed) you gain +1 Scale.

Cold Zones

You are able to drop the temperature enough to actually cause damage to a living person. Generally you must be able to touch/pass through someone.


QUIRK/PERSONALITY: Tough, sad, chippy.

TIES / BACKGROUND: A conscious ghost that has been around Seattle since his death by Bubonic Plague in the Seattle underground in 1908.

NOTES: Seems to be in the know about spiritual activities in the city.

Hobo Henry

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