Great + 4:

Good +3: Focus

Fair +2: Guile, Intellect

Average +1: Flair, Haste

Mediocre +0: Force


Great + 4:

Good +3: Haste

Fair +2: Force, Guile

Average +1: Flair, Focus

Mediocre +0: Intellect




Physical Transformation (lasting): [ ]

Mark this condition when changing into your animal form. Clothing and belongings on your person do not change with you. While this condition is marked, the following apply:

  • Take the Form of the Wolf aspect in addition to your other aspects.
  • Swap Haste and Focus as well as Force for Intellect
  • Gain all the inherent abilities of a wolf. Enhanced senses, ability to track, speed and strength, claws and teeth.
  • You also benefit from scale (page 182) when using your animal form to exceed human capabilities: keen predatory senses, inordinate strength or speed, overly large or small form that provides access to something inaccessible to normal mortals. Any opposition you face, however, will have a level of scale against you whenever you are at a significant disadvantage compared to human beings. You and the GM should collectively name a few examples as guidelines of when you would benefit from scale and when you deal with scale in opposition.

Recovery of this condition begins when you retake human form; full recovery requires concrete efforts to recharge from the experience, such as enjoying a hearty meal or uninterrupted rest. The GM may allow this recovery to occur between any two scenes involving a sufficient time jump.

Followers (sticky): [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

This condition uses five boxes to represent your significant social capital, which translates to a constant supply of local individuals to help you. Mark a box when you draw on your community resources for this mantle’s stunts. Recover this condition by waiting (one box per session) or by spending a scene to meet with your followers and clear the track. During the meeting, however, your followers (via the GM) will inform you of a community problem necessitating your attention.

Disfavored (sticky): [ ]

Violating your followers’ trust marks this condition. While Disfavored you may no longer use the Followers condition. Recover Disfavored when you have made restitution with your followers or established a new support base, per the GM.


Beast Whisperer:

You inherently understand and may communicate with any animal of the same type as your wereshape and thus may interact with them as you would with humans. This comprehension does not surmount the limitations of animal intelligence or permit the exchange of concepts too complex for the animal’s ken.

The Human Touch:

As long as the intended recipient knows you’re a werecreature, while in animal form you may communicate simple, single-word concepts (run, attack, guard, distract, et cetera) that casual observation will not detect. Roll Guile to avoid detection from focused attention.

Ready and Willing:

Mark a box of Followers to bring a minor NPC into the scene with either an aspect or a +2 bonus in something they’re skilled at (see the NPC creation rules on page 212). Mark multiple boxes to grant them multiple aspects and multiple areas of competence, with a
maximum of +2 in any one area. Use your fate points to invoke their aspects on your behalf.


Mark all five Followers boxes to declare that a campaign NPC is a patron of your community or is somehow indebted to your community. This NPC will grant one favor of significance, such as allowing access to something otherwise inaccessible or accomplishing an objective sans opposition. The GM is the final arbiter of whatever aid you receive.


Fleeting Transformation:

Use of the transformative magic is practically reflexive to you. Treat the Physical Transformation condition as sticky, requiring no time or rest between activations.

Loyalty Unto Death:

Once per session, if an NPC created with Ready and Willing is with you, you may ignore marking In Peril or Doomed at the cost of the NPC’s life. Multiple uses of this stunt in one session will, like Ritualist above, betray your followers’ trust, mark Disfavored, and require restitution for its restoration.


Once per session, you may mark an extra box of Followers to give any NPC created with Ready and Willing a +4 in their area of expertise (rather than the normal +2).


In Peril (sticky): [ 4 ]

You may mark the In Peril condition whenever you are hit by an attack. Negate up to four shifts of damage from the attack and then create an aspect that describes how the attack causes damage not easily shaken off (such as a Broken Leg or Shattered Reputation). Whoever inflicted the condition is awarded a free invoke on that aspect. Recover from In Peril when you act deliberately to resolve the peril: medical attention for an injury, a bribe to erase the slight on your reputation. This typically entails overcoming an obstacle against an opposition of Great (+4) or higher.

Doomed (lasting): [ 6 ]

You may mark the Doomed condition whenever you are hit by an attack. Negate up to six shifts of damage from the attack and then create an aspect that describes how the attack has rendered you almost helpless, such as Bleeding Out or Ready to Embrace the Dark Side. Whoever inflicted the condition is awarded a free invoke on that aspect. Recover from Doomed when you act deliberately to resolve the doom: emergency medical attention, the intervention of a White Council healer skilled in mental magic, or something similar. This typically entails overcoming an obstacle against an opposition of Great (+4) or higher. Clear out Doomed at the end of the next session after you’ve started recovery. If Doomed is checked and you are taken out (page 189), death is one of the possible outcomes.

Indebted (sticky): [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

This condition has five boxes. Mark one or more boxes when you have accrued a debt to a powerful group, person, or entity. The number of boxes you mark depends on the magnitude of the favor done for you; the GM has final say. Recover boxes of Indebted by doing favors for the lender in return, on their terms. Typically, a fairly safe but challenging task recovers one box, a dangerous task recovers two boxes, and a task that puts you in mortal danger or could otherwise permanently impact you recovers all boxes.

Spent Refresh: 2

STRESS: [ 1 ][ 1 ][ 1 ][ 1 ][ 1 ][ 1 ]

The current head of the Pack. Gypsy took over after Dozer left after losing touch with his wolf spirit. She has faced ridicule from some of the Pack who resent having a woman in charge. Over time she has won many of her detractors over as they realize that she is a veritable force of nature who will fiercely protect her Packmates no matter the odds.


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