Gemtriax Theophania



Kindly Animist Healer

Gifted Sculpter

Paranet Leader


SKilled: +2
Terrible: -2

Greek Animist Healer, high up in the Para-Net, Leader of Judd Creek Commune

She is quietly working to establish Judd Creek as a regional refuge for Paraneters and their allies

Vashon Island has long been known for its thriving community of artists, poets and musicians. Gemtriax Theophania has lived on the island since the 1960s and is a master crafter of pottery and sculpture who also happens to be a minor talent focusing in Greek Animist healing techniques. She founded the Judd Creek Commune 20 years ago and has gathered around her a collection of refugees, artists and craftsmen several of whom have been touched by magic in one form or another. When the Paranet was created she was thrilled and has used her connections on the island to run the local chapter. She has been instrumental in aiding the Quinn sisters along with providing a home for Fergus Mac Cormaicand his fiance, Anna Maria Avila. She is a friend of John Youngblood Jr and even baby sat Jack Youngblood and his sister, Caroline Youngblood over the years. She embodies the local artist community and is a fixture at art shows, festivals and other community events in the island.

Gemtriax Theophania

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