Fomor Servitors


Fomor servitors are humans the Fomor have altered by inserting such things as gills, extra muscles, organs for sonar, and night-vision eyes. It is almost certain that the Fomor use magic to destroy any free will these once-humans had. They have forgotten their human names and history. They are absurdly obedient, and would think nothing of giving their lives if only to spare their Fomor overlords any inconvenience. They function as the Fomor’s guard dogs and thugs. They also often are the Fomor interface with humans, as the Fomor are easily irritated.

Servitors are rough-looking men, dressed only in black turtleneck sweaters and carrying an assortment of different weapons. They show some sort of sonar capability they can use to locate prey. Many of them are extremely intelligent and capable.

They take people right out of their beds, they steal children waiting for the school bus. They’ve tortured people to death just for the fun of it.

They are likely made to serve by the Fomor with some very powerful mind magic, as they no longer seem to have any desire for anything other then the will of their masters. They are happy to kill, take severe unwarranted punishment, or even die at the whim of a Fomor Lord. Thus far all of the many servitors have all been male.

Fomor Servitors

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