Fiona Quinn






Good +3:
Fair +2: Intellect, Flair
Average +1: Guile, Haste
Mediocre +0: Focus, Force


Scion (Otherwordly Scale)

One of your parents was a greater god. You were born with exceptional abilities, but also exceptional responsibility. Your High Concept should include a reference to your Divine Parent

Your actions generally have Otherworldly Scale.


Divine Power (sticky): [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

You have the power of the Gods running through your veins. Mark a box when using certain stunts provided by this mantle. Mark 3 boxes to have a friendly NPC connected to your God appear and offer aid or information. Once per scenario, you may mark all 5 boxes to operate at Legendary Scale for a scene. Recover one box at the conclusion of any scene in which you do not mark a box. Recover two boxes at the start of a new session.

Divine Responsibility (sticky): [ ]

Mark this condition when you act against your God’s wishes or best interests. You may not any boxes of Divine Power (but retain your Scale) until you recover from this Condition. Recover from this condition by spending a scene communing with your divine relation.

Unwanted Attention (sticky): [ ]

Mark this condition when you are seen in public performing feats well beyond human norms or otherwise causing mass chaos. As long as this Condition is marked, you are at risk of being recognized and hunted. You gain an aspect related the chaos you caused and the GM gets one free invoke. Recover this condition after spending a scene dealing with your “Unwanted Attention”, be it a physical conflict or a social encounter.


Marked by Power:

Your abilities are well respected by those who know of them. Receive +1 to all Social actions against NPCs who know who you are. This bonus does not apply to openly hostile NPCs.

Inhuman Toughness:

Mark a box of Divine Power to soak two shifts of Physical Stress.

Inhuman Recovery:

Outside of a conflict, mark a box of Divine Power to treat a sticky condition relating to physical injury as if it were fleeting.


Elemental Magic:

FIRE MAGIC with FLASH. Mark a box of Divine Power to perform magic with FIRE as per Evocation (pg 140). Mark In Peril and Doomed in place of Exhausted and Burnt Out.


In Peril (sticky): [ 4 ]
Doomed (lasting): [ 6 ]
Indebted to The Paranet (sticky): [ X ][ X ][ X ][ ][ ]
Fiona and her sister owe The Paranet a great debt for smuggling them from Boston to Seattle.

This condition has five boxes. Mark one or more boxes when you have accrued a debt to a powerful group, person, or entity. The number of boxes you mark depends on the magnitude of the favor done for you; the GM has final say. Recover boxes of Indebted by doing favors for the lender in return, on their terms. Typically, a fairly safe but challenging task recovers one box, a dangerous task recovers two boxes, and a task that puts you in mortal danger or could otherwise permanently impact you recovers all boxes.

Spent Refresh : 0

STRESS: [ 1 ][ 1 ][ 1 ][ 1 ][ 1 ][ 1 ]

Nora Quinn’s younger sister and daughter of the Celtic Goddess, Brigid. Brigid is considered the patroness of poetry, smithing, medicine, arts and crafts, cattle and other livestock, sacred wells, serpents (in Scotland) and the arrival of early spring. Nora found out about her parentage shortly after her uncle arrived at her home and murdered her mother, father and older brother all the while screaming for her. Her sister, Nora Quinn, managed to help her escape her murderous uncle and make their way to Boston. They were hotly pursued by the Fomor and it took the intervention of Fergus Mac Cormaic to secure their escape. They have been in hiding ever since arriving in Seattle.

Fiona Quinn

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