Fan Gang



Ox Head Demonic Guardian of the Underworld

Relentless Zeal

I hate Monkeys!!!!!!


Ox Head’s Human Guise (Fan Gang) : Fan is a fanatic. His religious and aggressive zeal fill his every move, word and thought. He is very tall and broad for one of Asian Heritage. He is always prepared to snap into action. Most fear and avoid him instinctively and wisely. He wastes little words and only speaks when he finds it necessary. When he does, more of his zealous dedication become fearsomely appearant. He kneels for all older deities, and ignores any who have not earned his honor, unless instructed to do otherwise. Although he seems to obey mindlessly in his duty, he has a coldly intelligent, calculating glare in his eyes. Fan is a walking tool of annihilation, and only the Underworld may wield him.

Fan Gang

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