Dušan Branislav



Charismatic Hustler & Entrepreneur

Always Looking for the Next Score
A Lover not a Fighter
Friends in Low Places


SKilled: +2 Selling, Making Deals and Running Away
Terrible: -2 Physical Fights, Cruelty, Being Brave

An old classmate of Fergus’ from Parson’s, who returned to his hometown of Prague, Czechoslovakia after graduation. The two kept in touch for a few years before Dušan agreed to start feeding privileged tech to Fergus from the military textile manufacturer he worked for. They spend a lot of time Skyping about new ways to employ fabric technologies and both have crossed to Atlantic to visit and share ideas in person. Dušan is constantly in danger of being found out by corporate and governmental agencies for his casual handling of sensitive information.

Dušan Branislav

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