Great + 4: (Bestial Rage)

Good +3: Intellect

Fair +2: Focus, Guile

Average +1: Force, Flair

Mediocre +0: Haste

FERAL:(Supernatural Scale)/ CLUED-IN MORTAL (Mundane Scale)


Feral Transformation (Lasting): [ ]

If enough ambient Essence is available, the Feral transformation may be triggered involuntarily. The most dangerous times for a Feral are midnights during a full moon, the Solstices and Equinoxes, and the evenings of the four major Days of Power (Imbolc (February 2nd), Beltane
(April 30th), Lughnasadh (August 1st) and Samhain (October 31st – Halloween)). During those times, the Feral transforms into lycanthropic form unless she can make a Focus Overcome roll at +4.

Essence released by strong emotions can also cause the transformation. This Essence can come from the Feral herself, or anybody within the same Zone from the creature. Fear, anger, lust or pain causes the release of Essence. If that release is combined with a time or place of power, that might be enough to trigger the transformation, Forcing the Feral to make an Overcome roll at +4 to stay in control, per the GM.

While this condition is marked, you gain access to the benefits of this Mantle’s Core stunts and the following applies:

  • Take the Mind of a Wolf aspect in addition to your other aspects
  • You gain a new Approach – Bestial Rage at Great (+4) – which can be used in any action where you let the spirit that posses you take control. However, the GM will color your actions as particularly destructive and in some cases this might result in an compel.
  • You gain the benefit of Scale in regards to your inordinate strength, speed and keen predatory instincts, however you suffer from Scale in regards to self-control and discipline.

This condition recovers at the morning after the last night of the full moon.

Silver Burned (sticky): [ ]

If you suffer a condition inflicted by an silver weapon, mark this condition as well. You must recover this condition before healing from any other physical injury. Begin recovery by recuperating in the Nevernever or receiving medical care from a character versed in supernatural healing. If you seek medical attention outside the Nevernever, the healer must overcome a Great (+4) to succeed at the recovery action.

Vulnerable to Spirit Magic : [ x ]

This condition is always checked. Whenever facing an opponent using Spirit Magic they gain an extra level of scale against the Feral.

Knowledge (sticky): [][][][][]

This condition has five boxes to represent the breadth of occult information to which you have access. Mark a box of Knowledge when you leverage the information you have gathered on the workings of the supernatural world, as indicated in the stunts. Recover through research in your free time, restoring one box between sessions.

In Too Deep (lasting): []

Your connections with the paranormal have put your livelihood or a loved one at risk. Mark this condition to immediately recover all boxes of Knowledge. While this condition is marked, you have an additional aspect that represents a creature or faction that, due to your knowledge, is directly threatening something dear to you. Furthermore, you lack the wherewithal to research—which means Knowledge will not recover—until you have recovered from this condition. Begin that recovery by confronting or evading the threat in a manner determined by the GM; be prepared to spend at least a session dealing with the problem.



Ferals are extremely hard to kill even in their human form. Treat any conditions representing a physical injury as one step lower (sticky becomes fleeting, lasting becomes sticky only if the lower consequence slot is open).

Supernatural Senses:

Ferals can see spirits, including ghosts, nature spirits, and Elementals. They can also see through the Seemings and Glamours of the Sidhe, and can “smell” the presence of large amounts of Essence in people and places, which enables them to uncover probable Gifted characters. This ability works even while in human form; when the character senses something strange, her nostrils flare up and she involuntarily makes sniffing noises. Ferals gain a +2 to detect the true nature of supernaturals and the gifted and to see through faerie Glamours.

Feral Curse:

When a Feral attacks people, their curse may be spread. Merely being bitten by a lycanthrope is insufficient, myths and legends notwithstanding. The injuries must be life-threatening — enough to send the victim to the Threshold, a realm between life and death. At that point, the animal spirits that hover around Ferals like a metaphysical entourage may take the chance to invade the victim’s soul, and “infect” her with the curse. In game terms anyone taken out by a Feral can be cursed as per the GM.

Chasing Rumors:

Mark boxes of Knowledge to aid rolls to overcome or create an advantage when your research into supernatural threats is relevant, +2 for each box marked. Preparations: Once per scene, when confronting a threat that you have had an opportunity to investigate, you can mark Knowledge to reveal that you have a useful item on hand. One box is sufficient for common items (e.g., chalk, iron nails), three boxes for objects obtainable with a mild effort (e.g., holy water, a wooden stake), and all five boxes for especially esoteric items such as inherited silver or a saint’s relics. At the GM’s discretion, you may mark In Too Deep instead, to help another character pay one cost of a ritual spell (page 168).


Reconciled Feral:

Some among the afflicted manage to gain some control over the transformation. This is often a case of the human victim’s will proving stronger than the animal spirit’s, although metaphysical help can be a big factor. The Reconciled are still dual-natured beings, and many find it difficult to resist the animalistic urges of their bestial side, but, unlike their Accursed brethren, they often can transform back and forth willingly, and can control their animal shape. Although the struggle with their inner beast is a constant element of their lives, Reconciled Ferals are more likely to avoid a violent end. Reconciled Ferals gain a +2 to resist losing control, or spontaneously transforming.


You can open portals between the mortal world and the wild (unaffiliated) regions of the Nevernever. Once per session, you may declare your convenient arrival in a scene via a portal.

Summon Animal Spirits:

By calling upon her totemic animal, the Feral can summon a number of “spirit fragments” to materialize and do her bidding. The Feral must be in her bestial form to summon her brethren. Once per session you can declare momentary aid from your affiliated brand of beast and choose one of the following benefits: +4 to any one action, a situation aspect with two free invokes, or automatic success on an overcome roll.


Diesel is a student of Craig Big Eagle and an apprentice shaman. Many members of The Pack look to him for spiritual guidance. Callisto trusts him completely and in turn he is completely devoted to her. In fact he saved her life almost at the cost of his own when Dozer tried to take over The Pack again.


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