Cyrus Grey



HIGH CONCEPT: Mysterious Monster of the Underground


According to VITALY KULIKOVA, Grey used to be a mortal and was raised in a strict Puritan fashion at the lost colony of Roanoke Island. It is unknown what brought him in touch with OUTSIDERS or if they had anything to do with the colony’s disappearance. He became a powerful servant for them for over 150 years before he defied them and became the OUTER DARK’S most implacable enemy. The reasons for his changed allegiance are lost to time. He has been a guardian of the SEATTLE UNDERGROUND where the veil between worlds is at its weakest for over 100 years.

Cyrus Grey can be found in the Seattle Underground. Although it is unclear why anyone would seek him out unless they had a death wish.


Cyrus Grey recently sacrificed himself to prevent the Leviathan (a voracious Outsider who would destroy everything) from entering our reality. He is currently lost in the Leviathan’s dimension presumably enduring unspeakable tortures at the hands of the Mad God. See the Cauldron of Murder.

Cyrus Grey

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