Benjamin Willard



HIGH CONCEPT: Repentant Scion of Ares

INVOKE: When fighting or dealing with divine influences. When dealing with the Military and Mercenary communities.

COMPEL: To do as his Father commands. To succumb to his own lust for battle.

TROUBLE: International War Criminal

INVOKE: To be familiar with mercenaries, arms dealers and terrorists.

COMPEL: To be recognized and pursued by the authorities or by terrorists seeking revenge.

I have Blood Debts to Pay

INVOKE: To take strength in the fact that he is doing the right thing.

COMPEL: To do the right thing to atone for his war crimes and past atrocities.

I Have Seen It All

INVOKE: To have had experiences that prepare him for almost anything imaginable.

COMPEL: To be jaded. To be out of date with his references and not be up on the latest things. Or even the latest thing 15 years ago. To suffer flashbacks or PTSD from the countless wars he has fought in.

Pure Killing Machine

INVOKE: When fighting to defeat opponents. To inspire blood lust in others.

COMPEL: To succumb to blood lust and use killing force.


Superb +5:

Good +4: Force

Good +3: Haste

Fair +2: Flair, Focus, Guile, Intellect

Average +1:

Mediocre +0:


Scion (Supernatural Scale)

One of your parents was a god. You were born with exceptional abilities, but also exceptional responsibility. Your High Concept should include a reference to your Divine Parent

Your actions generally have Supernatural Scale.


Divine Power (sticky): [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

You have the power of the Gods running through your veins. Mark a box when using certain stunts provided by this mantle. Mark 3 boxes to have a friendly NPC connected to your God appear and offer aid or information. Once per scenario, you may mark all 5 boxes to operate at Legendary Scale for a scene. Recover one box at the conclusion of any scene in which you do not mark a box. Recover two boxes at the start of a new session.

Divine Responsibility (sticky): [ ]

Mark this condition when you act against your God’s wishes or best interests. You may not any boxes of Divine Power (but retain your Scale) until you recover from this Condition. Recover from this condition by spending a scene communing with your divine relation.

Unwanted Attention (sticky): [ ]

Mark this condition when you are seen in public performing feats well beyond human norms or otherwise causing mass chaos. As long as this Condition is marked, you are at risk of being recognized and hunted. You gain an aspect related the chaos you caused and the GM gets one free invoke. Recover this condition after spending a scene dealing with your “Unwanted Attention”, be it a physical conflict or a social encounter.


Marked by Power:

Your abilities are well respected by those who know of them. Receive +1 to all Social actions against NPCs who know who you are. This bonus does not apply to openly hostile NPCs.

Inhuman Toughness:

Mark a box of Divine Power to soak two shifts of Physical Stress.

Inhuman Recovery:

Outside of a conflict, mark a box of Divine Power to treat a sticky condition relating to physical injury as if it were fleeting.


Faster, Stronger, Tougher:

Mark a box of Divine Power to add +1 to any physical action. The GM may elect to add scale (page 182).

Item of Power (Magical Pistol):

You have a magical pistol blessed by Ares. One of your Aspects should reflect this. Gain +1 to your Attack roll and lower opposition Scale to yours for a scene by spending a point of Divine Power when using the Item for Attacks.

Emotional Projection: x2

Mark a box of Divine Power to use the Create an Advantage or Overcome actions to conjure strong feelings of that emotion in any person you have line of sight to. You gain a +1 to the roll. You may take this stunt multiple times choosing different Approach/Emotion combinations.

  • Force to Create Blood Lust
  • Flair to inspire Bravery
Emotional Onslaught (Blood Lust):

You may use Emotional Projection to make Attacks against a target in your line of sight.

Domination (Blood Lust):

Any enemies Taken Out via attacks from Emotional Onslaught may, at your discretion, spend the rest of the scene performing actions for you.


In Peril (sticky): [ 4 ]

You may mark the In Peril condition whenever you are hit by an attack. Negate up to four shifts of damage from the attack and then create an aspect that describes how the attack causes damage not easily shaken off (such as a Broken Leg or Shattered Reputation). Whoever inflicted the condition is awarded a free invoke on that aspect. Recover from In Peril when you act deliberately to resolve the peril: medical attention for an injury, a bribe to erase the slight on your reputation. This typically entails overcoming an obstacle against an opposition of Great (+4) or higher.

Doomed (lasting): [ 6 ]

You may mark the Doomed condition whenever you are hit by an attack. Negate up to six shifts of damage from the attack and then create an aspect that describes how the attack has rendered you almost helpless, such as Bleeding Out or Ready to Embrace the Dark Side. Whoever inflicted the condition is awarded a free invoke on that aspect. Recover from Doomed when you act deliberately to resolve the doom: emergency medical attention, the intervention of a White Council healer skilled in mental magic, or something similar. This typically entails overcoming an obstacle against an opposition of Great (+4) or higher. Clear out Doomed at the end of the next session after you’ve started recovery. If Doomed is checked and you are taken out (page 189), death is one of the possible outcomes.

STRESS: [ 1 ] [ 1 ] [ 1 ] [ 1 ] [ 1 ] [ 1 ]

Spent Refresh: 5



The night sky burned with a cascade of explosions as Benjamin Willard sprinted through the chaos of a war-torn city. Bullets whizzed past him, narrowly missing his weathered frame. He ducked behind a crumbling wall, his heart pounding in his chest. Benjamin had faced countless battles, but this one felt different. It was a battle against himself, against his father’s legacy.

Benjamin was no ordinary soldier. Born centuries ago, he was the repentant son of Ares, the ancient Greek god of war. For more than four hundred years, he had dutifully fought in every major conflict, serving as a warrior for whichever side his father deemed worthy. From the blood-soaked battlefields of the Thirty Years’ War to the trenches of World War I, Benjamin had been there, a grim reaper in the midst of humanity’s struggles.


However, everything changed during World War II. Benjamin, burdened by the atrocities he had witnessed, made a fateful decision to defy his father’s wishes. He fought against the tide of his bloodline, joining the Allies instead of serving Germany. It was a turning point that would forever alter the course of his existence.

Since that pivotal moment, Benjamin had wandered the world, fighting against his father’s yoke, striving to make amends for the countless lives he had taken. He sought redemption, a chance to repay the debts he had earned in his centuries of existence.

In recent years, Benjamin had found himself drawn to the shadows of modern society, where creatures of myth and legend lurked, hidden from the oblivious eyes of humanity. It was in these shadowy realms that he discovered his true calling—a defender of the innocent, a guardian against supernatural threats.


STORY TITLE: Hunting the Demon

On this particular night, Benjamin had received a cryptic message about a malevolent entity wreaking havoc in West Seattle. With his trusty Colt Model 1860 army revolver forged in the fires of Mount Olympus, he set out to confront the unknown threat, his resolve unwavering. He navigated the maze of dilapidated buildings and narrow alleyways until he reached his destination—a long-forgotten temple, overgrown with vines and shrouded in darkness.

Inside the temple, an otherworldly presence hung heavy in the air. Benjamin felt a surge of power emanating from a dark altar in the center of the chamber. As he approached, a figure materialized—a hulking creature with gnarled horns and burning eyes. It was a demon, a remnant of a time long past. There he ran into a very old ally who also hunted the beast. But can even the two of them prevail against such evil?


STORY TITLE: Timeworn Contract
STARRING: Skuld Jaeger

Benjamin had just arrived in Seattle and went to the Renegade Saloon. He knew the place tended to be a hotbed of people who needed a good gun hand at a reasonable price. It didn’t take long until he was approached by Skuld Jaeger. She had a contract and figured she needed an experienced gun hand to help her fulfill it.


STORY TITLE: Broken Shield
STARRING: Roy Mullinex
GUEST STARRING: Zeb Einar and Virgil Cole

Benjamin was sitting at the bar of the Renegade Saloon. He was looking over information on an ancient Red Court Vampire he was tracking, a vampire he wants dead for crimes committed against him. He was so fixated on tracking the Vampire that he didn’t notice he was being spied on until it was too late. Detective Roy Mullinex had seen all his work and realized he was after the same target. He confronted the cop and violence was imminent until Cole intervened and formerly introduced them. The three of them agreed to work together to bring the Vampire and his Scourge down. Permanently.

Benjamin Willard

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