Abigail Youngblood




HIGH CONCEPT: Survivor, Wizard and Former Host to a Denarrion

TROUBLE: Stage IV Cancer Has Been Temporarily Halted by the Winter Rose

I Must Save My Baby Girl

Tragic Wife of Jack Youngblood

Indomitable Willpower and Tenacity


Skilled (+2) at: Being Indomitable Mentally and Emotionally, Ritual Magics and Old Knowledge
Terrible (-2) at: Being Patient, Stressful Physical Activities, Evocation

DFFAE_Character_v2_AbbiYoungblood.pngFor years Abigail Wharton, now Abigail Youngblood, served as a host to the Denarian Demon, Azael. She performed many heinous acts during that time and she is just now sorting out how to handle those memories. Abi had been an able host but she had developed cancer and even the demon’s considerable regenerative powers could no longer cope with it. The demon abandoned her after she was shot while helping to capture Jack Youngblood who it wanted to make its new host. Jack was able to escape that fate thanks to the intervention of his friends and Azael now resides in the body of Jack’s father.

Abi is undergoing treatment for her cancer and is under the care of Aunt B and Leif Wotensen. She remembers now that she had given birth to a baby girl that the demon has hidden from her. Jack is the father. The two of them are desperate to find their daughter but Abi is very limited because of her cancer. She is a formidable young lady though and if anyone could overcome cancer it would be her.

Abigail Youngblood

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