Campaign of the Month: February 2022

Dresden Files Accelerated: Emerald City: Requiem

Book 02: The Frame Job
GM: Justin

BOOK: 02

Solomon Castostrani is approached by a mysterious man who has a proposition. Steal a painting from the infamous billionaire, Trevor Radcliffe. In return he will receive two long lost guardian statues that had been stolen from his patrons a thousand years ago. He recruited the disgraced Warden, Jack Youngblood and his half brother, Charles Samuel Kress to help him pull off the heist. None of them suspected that the theft would embroil them in a battle against a Denarian Demon and force them to confront hard truths that could impact their lives in the years to come. Assuming they lived that long.

Book 01: Jade Eyed Demon
GM: James

BOOK: 01

When Lisa Shan is accused of stealing a shipment of priceless artifacts from the Seattle Asian Art Museum where she works Solomon Castostrani, with a sacred duty to protect the Shan family line, has no choice but to try and exonerate her. He recruits the golem lawyer, David Clay and his young assistant, Charles Samuel Kress to represent her. They must discover how the robbery is connected to the Russian mafia, a string of grisly animal attacks and an ancient Chinese scroll said to control a Jade-Eyed Demon.

Emerald City Logs
Index of Adventure Logs
These are the Adventure Logs for the preceding DFRPG Emerald City Campaign and they are included here as reference and for completeness. Click on the book images below to be taken to the Adventure Logs on the original Emerald City Site.



Book: 00
When the unpopular and reclusive Wizard, Artemis Miller, died by mysteriously falling down a flight of stairs, Zebidiah Einar was dragged out of retirement to investigate his estate and deal with any materials- that might be sensitive to the White Council. His actions ultimately led him to oppose the formation of a powerful Shikigami spirit born out of the nuclear fire of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The only way to prevent the vengeful spirit’s ascension to godhood was to channel that energy into another vessel. Salvador Delgado, a fallen angel with no memories of his past, was chosen to be that vessel. He sacrificed his human existence and risked his soul (thereby redeeming himself in the eyes of God just as Uriel intended) by absorbing the energies of that godhood into himself becoming the Archangel of Wrath once again.

BOOK 01:


Book: 01
Jack Youngblood’s father demands that Jack track down the old family Winnebago. A vehicle that Jack strangely had no significant memory of. After harassing Jack the disembodied spirit claimed that what was in it was important for his sister, Caroline. Tracking down the old vehicle leads Jack and his friends into the middle of a bizarre family dispute among the dangerous Kulikova Clan of Ghouls.

BOOK 02:


Book: 02
Street violence has increased in recent weeks but what catches the White Council’s attention is the supernatural strength being exhibited by a local gang, the Cross Street Kings. With their new found power they threaten to spark a gang war with The Pack that would jeopardize untold lives. Jack Youngblood, a wizard with a troubled history, is tasked by the Council to get to the bottom of the problem as a test to see if he is worthy to become a Warden of the White Council.

BOOK 03:


Book: 03
What at first seems to be a simple case of a husband cheating on his wife turns out to be far more serious. Someone has stolen a dangerous tome from the archives of a recently deceased wizard and they threaten the city of Seattle if not the entire world with the secrets held within its dusty pages. Can Seattle’s Warden and his allies find the book before the Storm of the Century followed by the greatest Earthquake in Washington state history send the city over the edge into disaster? More importantly can they defeat the cannibal thralls of an ancient evil bent on the destruction of reality itself?

BOOK 04:


Book: 04
A mysterious artifact that is coveted by several parties has appeared in Seattle. While Zebidiah Einar is recovering from his wounds out of town Jack Youngblood is tasked by the White Council with brokering a poker game amongst the various supernatural factions to determine who will win the prize. Meanwhile, decapitated bodies are popping up all over the city. Are the two things related? If so can Detective Mullinex find the connection and put a stop to the savage killings before any more innocents are taken?

BOOK 05:


Book: 05
When the “monster” awakes and demands he be given his right to a speedy trial Zeb Einar and his companions are put in a position where they must meet and “get their stories straight” or face jail time themselves. What happened 4 months ago to put them in this position? The answer to that question leads the group on a journey through time in a desperate quest to stop a grief stricken father.

BOOK 06:


Book: 06
The supernatural denizens of Seattle are hungry. No matter how much they eat they cannot sate their unending appetites. What is causing this unnatural craving? How is it related to the Black Court Vampire in Forks, WA and is behind the sensation of the accursed Twilight novels? And why is the Slender Man hoax suddenly taking on a life of its own?

BOOK 07:


Book: 07
When Lief Wotensen talked his friends into accompanying him on a quest to Jottenheim to steal a really, really big chicken he had no idea that he was playing right into Odiana of Winter’s hands. Now his friend, Jack Youngblood has been murdered and Caroline Youngblood is missing and he may have just unleashed an ancient evil into the world. Can the Son of Odin and his allies save the missing girl and bring Jack’s killers to justice? Or is this just the opening gambit to a much larger plot?

BOOK 08:


Book: 08
When an oil tanker runs aground and releases an ancient and deadly Evil, Leif Wotensen and his allies immediately leap into action. But was it an accident? And what, if anything, does it have to do with a newly formed super church and a terrifying internet hoax?

BOOK 09:


Book: 09
Detectives Sam Volkov and Samantha Vasquez are new to West Seattle’s 13th Precinct. Their first case involves a pair of homeless men that fell to their deaths from the roof of a apartment building that is under construction. The second involves vandalism at the cemetery where a recently executed murderer was buried. Are the two cases related? If so how? Their growing list of suspects include a group of rich teenagers, some disaffected youth, a pair of serial killers, and the mysterious Jack Youngblood. The detectives face mounting danger as political pressure and outside forces all conspire to make their jobs a nightmare.

BOOK 10:


Book: 10
Jack Youngblood has been under strain ever since his magic was almost totally stripped from him by the Outsider known as the Un-man. Bruno Walsh had been plagued by visions from Yuquot after being shot in the head and left for dead in Puget Sound. Mathew “Woof” Riley had been trying desperately to learn to control his newly discovered Fae shapeshifting powers with little success. The three of them end up going on a Walkabout to Olympia where they get mixed up in Vampire politics.