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Dresden Files Accelerated: Emerald City: Requiem

Book 13
GM: Justin
BOOK: 13

Odianna of Winter, the newly reinstated Duches of the Unseelie Court, has tasked Seattle’s disgraced Warden, Jack Youngblood to replace the missing Guardian of the Seventh Gate, Fergus Mac Cormaic, who has not been seen since he returned from Jotunheim. Jack, whose debt to Odianna had been passed up to Mab, the Queen of Air and Darkness herself has no choice but to attempt to recruit forces from across the Emerald City to defend the Gates against an Outsider incursion. Can Jack, along with Hiroko Noshimuri, Kerouac, Orenda Peshlakai and Virgil Gugasian recruit the allies necessary to save Seattle, to save the very world, without completely compromising themselves?

Book 12
GM: Justin
BOOK: 12

Seattle’s Warden, Jack Youngblood, alongside Kerouac, Orenda Peshlakai and Virgil Gugasian investigate unusual activities reported in the Seattle Underground. There the group faces off against a tentacled horror that can only come from Beyond the Veil that tests them to their very limits. While they manage to triumph over the creature, Orenda, overcome by bloodlust, charges through a portal and is stranded there. Exhausted the team retreats to the surface.
They call upon Orenda’s adopted father Virgil Cole, to affect a rescue deep into the passages of the NeverNever. Cole gathers friends and allies including Hiroko Noshimuri, Skuld Jaeger, Roy Mullenixand Benjamin Willard. There they discover a nest of ghouls harboring a terrifying secret that may prove too much for even an Immortal Monster Hunter and his team to overcome.

Book: 11
GM: Jeff
BOOK: 11

The Great Seattle Traffic Jam. The entire city has been thrown off its proper axis of time. Everyone and everything is early or late, but never on time. Chaos and civil unrest grow every day. It is only a matter of time before the city gets set ablaze.
The cause? The Broken Pocket Watch of the White Rabbit.
That White Rabbit.
The only chance to save the city from a full descent into chaos will be a trip into the weirdest and most whimsical parts of Faerie…if it doesn’t drive our heroes mad first…

Book: 10
GM: Brad & James
BOOK: 10

Eric Laufey, a scion of the god of Mischief, had smuggled a blackthorn tree tainted by the demon, Sebassis into Seattle from Ireland. In the process he had become corrupted by it and spirited it away into the Nevernever. Hrolf Helgarson, of Monoc Securities had ordered Virgil Gugasian to locate the missing son of Loki and he had managed to track him to Jotunheim. Land of the Giants. Violence and strife erupted there and threaten to spark Ragnarock itself!
Can David Clay, Fergus Mac Cormaic, Kerouac, Virgil Gugasian and newcomer Hiroko Noshimuri stop the spreading destabilization and chaos before it brings about Armageddon? Or is their fate to perish in the frozen wastelands of the Jotuns?

Book: 09
GM: Justin
BOOK: 09

At long last Jack Youngblood has discovered the probable location of his missing daughter, hidden by the demon Azael years ago. His wife, Abigail Youngblood, is still struggling with health issues so he recruits his closest friends and allies to help him track down and liberate his little girl. What is awaiting him, Fergus Mac Cormaic, Virgil Gugasian and Kerouac at Silver Falls? Is the young Warden willing to bargain with a demon to save his only child? Just how far is he willing to go?

Book: 08
GM: Brad
BOOK: 08

Someone somehow, is stealing all the single one-dollar bills in the city of Seattle leaving the police completely perplexed. In the short term this oddity is an annoyance, but it could seriously impact the long-term economy of the city that is still recovering from Black Monday six years after the tragedy. This is the only reason that Jack Youngblood reluctantly agrees to a consulting role with the Seattle Police Department to investigate. He is joined by Golem Lawyer, David Clay and they recruit Fergus Mac Cormaic to help them solve the riddle of the missing dollar bills and a how it relates to a mysterious new vigilante plaguing the city.

Book: 07
GM: James
BOOK: 07

Content Not Found: Fergus-mac-cormaic is finally getting married to the love of his life and mother of his daughter, Anna Maria Avila. It is to be a joyous, festive day. But when his cousin and her sister disappear Fergus and his closest friends, the Golem David Clay, the mystical bounty hunter Virgil Gugasian and the disgraced Wizard Jack Youngblood immediately begin an investigation. Little could they know that their search for the missing girls would lead them to the Otherwordly Sea of Celtic Myth and force them to face gods, tricksters, fae and their own, most fearsome truths.

Book: 06
GM: Justin
BOOK: 06

Jack Youngblood knew he was in trouble as soon as he got the note from Lucy Smith-Einar saying that she needed some help. She had left behind some important documents about the demon Sebassis with billionaire Trevor Radcliffe last year when she escaped his employment. The Warden of Seattle had no choice but to act on her behalf. That kind of power was too easily abused and Radcliffe had proven himself prone to corruption before. He recruited his childhood friend, the master thief turned bounty hunter, Virgil Gugasian and the Wyld Fae Green Man, Fergus Mac Cormaic to help him plan and execute a heist of the headquarters of The Peter Kirk Syndicate. Little did he know that pulling off the job would be just the beginning of his troubles as complicated secrets of Lucy’s past came to light forcing him to risk involving the deadly Winter Rose herself, Odianna of Winter.

Book 05: Mantle of Power
GM: James
BOOK: 05

Fergus Mac Cormaic’s college friend, Dušan Branislav was in town to show him the latest materials he had discovered for his upcoming line of Parkour clothing. During a meeting Russian gangsters attacked, sparking a firefight in the middle of Alki Beach. To make matters worse, David Clay, who was working with Anna Maria Avila got involved, putting Fergus’s fiance in the crossfire. Can Fergus and David find the kidnapped man? And if they do, will they become entangled in a dangerous web of deceit, betrayal and violence that threaten to engulf the Emerald City?

Book 04: Legacy of the Un-man
GM: Justin
BOOK: 04

Fergus Mac Cormaic had walked away from his faerie bloodline choosing to be a mortal and live with his pregnant fiance, Anna Maria Avila. However, his grandfather, a powerful troll, died in his arms passing on the mantle of the Guardian of the Seventh Gate to the reluctant ex-changeling. Confronted by a Winter Fae lady accusing him of failing his duty and outed as a supernatural to Anna he must now learn what his new responsibilities entail. The only one who can help him repair the failing Seventh Gate is the disgraced Warden Jack Youngblood, who is on a quest to repair his own damaged mystical power.