Tag: SPD


  • Roy Mullenix

    [[File:510139 | class=media-item-align-center | 400x400px | DFFAE_RoyMullenix02.3.png]] h2. Phase I (Where did you come from?) Born and raised in the Seattle area, Roy's whole family has in areas of public service for the past 2 generations when …

  • Captain Jeff Clark

    Captain for Seattle's 18th Precinct which covers the University District with the exception of the University Itself (which is covered by its own force). Cptn. Clark's rise in the police force was far from meteoric, 25 years of the force has found him in …

  • Rick Jordan

    Detective Jordan recently moved to Seattle and is quickly rising through the ranks at Seattle PD because of his bulldog tenacity and excellent instincts.

  • Sam Volkov

    h2. *BACKGROUND* h2. *Phase I (Where did you come from?)* Samuil Volkov Is the third born and only Son of the a family from Saint Petersburg. On the surface, Sam Volkov is an average SPD detective. Good at his job and dedicated to his community, its …

  • Raymond Avila

    An ambitious Internal Affairs officer who has plans on transitioning into politics, Avila is a force to be reckoned with. With his determination and willingness to go to any length to achieve his goals who knows what his limits are.