Denarian (supernatural scale)- A generic Denarian, terrifyingly strong, hard to kill, and powered by the fires of hell. Just a base to start from, a more specific description of the demon should be supplied/appropriate stunts chosen. I don’t think these should ever be mere mooks.

High Aspect: Member of the Order of the Blackened Denarius
Trouble: Riding in a weak mortal
Other Aspects: Terrifying Demon Form of a Insert Animal/Monster Here

Superb (5): Pick One Appropriate to the demon
Great (
4): Pick Two Appropriate to the demon
Fair (+2): The rest

Stress (6 boxes)
In Peril (Sticky)
Hurt (4)- Pg 152
Indebted (6 boxes)- Representing how much control the host has yielded to the demon.
Separated from host (lasting): Mark this if the holder of the coin is forced to give it up for some reason. This may be done willingly, such as to avoid confrontation with the knights of the cross.

Unique Stunts
Demonic Physique- Apply scale to toughness, speed or other physical attributes.
Mojo on Loan- Pg. 221
Physical Transformation- Pg. 154
Cloak of Shadows- Pg. 159

Additional Stunts (pick two)
Healing Transformation- Pg. 155
Fleeting Transformation- Pg. 155
Evocation- Pg. 140
Evocation Specialist- Pg. 141
Faster, Stronger, Tougher- Pg. 145- Mark Mojo on Loan rather than Wyld Power
Ghostbane- Pg. 159
Unusual Size- Pg. 159 (only while transformed)
Natural Weapon- Pg. 158 (only while transformed)
Phobophage- Pg. 163



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