Solomon Castostrani



HIGH CONCEPT: Redemption Seeking Immortal

  • Invoke: Solomon’s long life as exposed him to many of the wonders that history has ever offered. As such his knowledge of past, and his willingness to help his fellowman has increased as well.
  • Compel: With a long life and the constant pursuit of redemption Solomon sometimes places himself in the line of fire before his brain reacts.

TROUBLE: Cursed by a Wu Shi

  • Invoke: Having lived with a Curse for nearing 800 years Solomon’s knowledge and understanding of such magic is unparalleled.
  • Compell: Only three ever True Jiang-shi have existed in the supernatural world, and that curse is something highly priced and sought after for study.

ASPECT: My times are ALWAYS Interesting

  • Invoke: I’ve seen a lot in my time, this reminds me of…
  • Compel: Call it Karma, or just plain bad luck Solomon often finds himself in the exact time and place of numerous catastrophes.

ASPECT: Centuries of Assets

ASPECT: Travels in Uncarnate Circles

  • Invoke: You realize that is ghost still roams the world…you needed to know what?
  • Compel: Spirits and ghost all tend to travel in similar circles…and man do they gossip and chat about those who can actually interact with hem.

ASPECT: Psychopomp of Ox-head and Horse-face

  • Invoke:
  • Compel:
Solomon’s 3×3×3


Good +3: Haste

Fair +2: Flair, Guile

Average +1: Focus, Intellect

Mediocre +0: Force

MANTLE (Custom)

Jiang Shi (Supernatural Scale)

[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] (Fleeting Hunger)


Vampiric Physique:

When brute strength or sheer speed is requisite, call upon your vampiric nature to gain a bonus of +2 per box of Hungry marked. Furthermore, any physical actions taken may (per the GM) include scale (page 182) regardless of whether Hungry is used.

Vampiric Recovery:

Outside of conflict, mark one box of Hungry to clear a sticky condition, or two boxes to begin recovery from a lasting condition. These conditions must represent physical injury.

Cloak of Shadows:

You can see perfectly in the dark and are immune to any potential effect of normal or magical darkness. Additionally, once per session, you may declare that you automatically succeed at hiding from any non-magical attempt to spot you, provided you have a nearby shadow to hide in.


(requires Cloak of Shadows): You ignore the incorporeality of insubstantial creatures (e.g., ghosts, specters) and affect them as though they were physical.


Natural Weapon:

Your physiology includes claws, spikes, razor-sharp teeth, or another feature for attacking or defending. Unarmed attacks are worth +1 shift on a successful hit and may have scale (Otherworldly vs Incorporeal only).

Mentally Fortified

(Modified) +2 to Focus to battle off mental effects of Fear and mental manipulation.

Most Interesting Immortal in the World

+2 to Flair when using presence to persuade or manipulate the situation.


In Peril (sticky): [ 4 ]

You may mark the In Peril condition whenever you are hit by an attack. Negate up to four shifts of damage from the attack and then create an aspect that describes how the attack causes damage not easily shaken off (such as a Broken Leg or Shattered Reputation). Whoever inflicted the condition is awarded a free invoke on that aspect. Recover from In Peril when you act deliberately to resolve the peril: medical attention for an injury, a bribe to erase the slight on your reputation. This typically entails overcoming an obstacle against an opposition of Great (+4) or higher.

Doomed (lasting): [ 6 ]

You may mark the Doomed condition whenever you are hit by an attack. Negate up to six shifts of damage from the attack and then create an aspect that describes how the attack has rendered you almost helpless, such as Bleeding Out or Ready to Embrace the Dark Side. Whoever inflicted the condition is awarded a free invoke on that aspect. Recover from Doomed when you act deliberately to resolve the doom: emergency medical attention, the intervention of a White Council healer skilled in mental magic, or something similar. This typically entails overcoming an obstacle against an opposition of Great (+4) or higher. Clear out Doomed at the end of the next session after you’ve started recovery. If Doomed is checked and you are taken out (page 189), death is one of the possible outcomes.


Cursed (special) [x] -

Having been cursed to the mantle of a True Jiang Shi Solomon is subject to all their curses. The Blood of a black dog, Peach Wood, esc…until such a time as he finds true redemption and all it hold. Whatever that may mean.

Impaled by Peach Wood (sticky): []

If you mark In Peril or Doomed to absorb shifts from a Peach Wood attack, your attacker can also declare that the peach wood impales you, forcing a mark on this condition as well. While Impaled by Peach Wood, you are prohibited from accessing the mantle’s stunts or conditions. Recovery requires the implement’s removal by overcoming passive opposition (Great (+4) at minimum) or active opposition, such as during combat. This recovery does not affect any other conditions sustained during the attack.

Indebted to The Dragon Lady (sticky): [ x ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

DFFAE_Character_v2_SolomonCastostrani.pngence? Well if so listen to this tale. It all began in 1293 in Italy. The son of a renown merchant Solomon received whatever he desired with no worries of the results. Following his father on one of many ventures to the mysterious east he took as he saw fit to entertain himself, and thus began his torment.

The Asian beauty before him was all that filled his thoughts and desire. Without remorse or going in to detail Solomon was scum and took her. What he failed to know, or even if he had it would not have stopped him,(As stated he was scum) is that it was the day before her wedding. She was pure and chaste as the daughter of a village Head it was expected of her to give herself wholly to her husband.

The day of her wedding never came as she took her own life to absolve the dishonor Solomon had forced upon her. No one of the village knew why save for the child’s God Mother(Chinese Version), she had looked upon Solomon with knowing eyes. As they left to continue their journey the venerable woman approached and without pause uttered words that even spoken in Chinese rang true in Solomon’s mind,“You shall know the pain of lose forever.” She drew a jade knife and slit her own throat.

Solomon 1st taste of death and getting better was when bandits fell upon his fathers caravan. From one war to the next, and one era to another Solomon traveled aimlessly seeing all he had loved , or cared for die around him.


Arrival to New York in the early 1800’s found a new chapter in the curse of Solomon. He had always saw those beings and things disconnected from our reality. It was not until Karma wormed itself in that things changed. An all to familiar ghost was the first to ever approach him. The ghost,a woman of Chinese decent and a beauty so haunting that it sent fires of guilt coursing through his veins. The hand she laid on his cheek was the first connection and touch of a ghost he had ever felt.

Her story was one that seemed a memory to Solomon. She had been taken and left for dead by an unknown man, only she survived and with child. The birth of her son was her death. She had never passed on as she needed to know her son was safe.The child now a man had found the truth of his origins and the guilt that accompanied it. It was Solomon who delivered the message of a mothers love of her child, regardless of the nature of his conception.

After many meetings and a few ghost translations the man found peace. It was all his mother needed to pass on, but NOT before giving Solomon a karmic back hand. “Our family is forever filled with tragedy since that day. Please I beg of you, see it undone.” Solomon knew which day she referred.


STORY TITLE: TWISTED STEEL & SEX APPEAL (Story as told from Solomon’s perspective)

Ever had someone tell you how much they love you? I’m not talking about soul mate kind of love that Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner had, I am talking about that I just met you, and I love you so much I want to cut your face off and wear it for a mask kind of love. Well that was my first encounter with a supernatural serial killer. I guess she had been killing for the better part of 100 plus years. Whatever kind of creature she was it was apparent that when I saved the young girl from her grasps I become the object of her affection…lucky me.

What made the WHOLE encounter even worse was when she killed me, and I did not die….twice. In her TWISTED soul she had found her eternal love. The months of cat and mouse that followed are kind of a blur. From London to L.A. I was the sole object of her attention. At least it kept her off other people…man my luck is horrible. I mean someday’s you are the dog, but I seem to ALWAYS be the hydrant.

It wasn’t until she cornered me in an abandon steel mill in the outskirts of town that our story came crashing to an end.
It’s always a laugh for me when I think of how vain longer lived beings are. I myself was like that when I was a child, and well you know what vanity did to me..anyways. I stood before her shirtless and bloody from our love tussle, and with a smile I used the two things I knew I had going for me as she speared me in to the wire trap I had placed before hand. Grasping and holding her tight as the tons and tons of twisted steel buried us in an eternal embrace…..not really took me about a week to dig myself out. God I do hope her ass is dead and squished.


STORY TITLE: (David Clay’s)
STARRING: David Clay

The world of spirits is a brittle and often dangerous place, and when a group of children go missing Solomon is once again united with a friend from days long past as they battle the elder spirit. Battling the Greater Spirit with David Solomon is forced to expose himself and his abilities on a much grander scale. The resulting exposure has forced him to take a more direct focus upon the city and his duties.




Solomon Castostrani

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