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Phase I (Where did you come from?)

Born and raised in the Seattle area, Roy’s whole family has in areas of public service for the past 2 generations when his Grandfather Etienne came home from World War II with the Congressional Medal of Honor. Most of them have been in Law Enforcement. The Mullenixes are characterized by their love of firearms, especially Roy’s father who was an outspoken Libertarian opponent of the 1994 Federal Weapons Ban and his great grandfather who opened a Gun Shop in downtown Seattle. In Highschool Roy wasn’t thinking about becoming a cop, then he met Sid Routman at a career fair and everything changed.

Roy’s career was illustrious at first, a Tour in Army Special Forces(where he met Woof on a couple of Ops), Top of his class at the Academy, Seattle S.W.A.T., high arrest record, Medals for Valor. Roy married his Highschool sweetheart Vanessa, an Internet Security Consultant(She does Penetration Tests from home) and has 3 kids, Twins Michael and Megan(21) and Jonathon (18). They have a house in Lower Queen Anne, his kids go to Seattle Waldorf High School. Roy’s first mark of distinction and brush with the Paranormal was at the 1999 WTO Riots, where he busted a fair number of unusual perps using the Riot as cover and seemed to be feeding on the rage of the crowd and at the same time spurring them on.

What people didn’t know was that Roy’s career for years was one tale of weirdness after another. He kept getting weird cases and weirder SWAT situations but thought nothing of it.

Phase II (What Shaped You?)

One day a few years ago, Roy helped raid what they thought was a massive drug deal, but in reality it turned out to be a meeting between The Vampire Courts and several other unsavory elements. Several officers went down, a few went comatose. Roy wanted to report what he saw, but he knew that they would just laugh at him. His friend Greg BigEagle convinced him to tell the truth, but leave the monster stuff out. Roy took the fall for it and his reputation disappeared. His family helped him to get back to work and fight for his job…and got suspended. On the brink of a breakdown, a man name Ronald Parker approached Roy. He told Roy the truth about the Supernatural and offered him a chance to get his job back and fight monsters. Roy initially refused, he didn’t believe a word of it. Then John Youngblood jr., a Wizard of the White Council, used a ritual to revive the comatose officers back to consciousness.

Roy’s name got cleared(though his reputation was still dead in the water and it didn’t restore his rank) and became a member of the Venatori Umbrorum, a Secret Society that uses moratl legal systems to fight the Monsters that prey on humans. They made up a story to justify his absence for Venatori Training. Roy came back with a vengeance and got back into the department’s good graces one case at a time. He learned the ins and out of bureaucracy and set the department record for most traffic tickets and parking citations written in a week, a month and a year.

Then Ronald Montgomery made Police Commissioner and assigned Roy to Special Investigations. At least when Lord Montague killed his career, he gave Roy his old rank back. S.I. seems to be the place where Montague placed anyone in the department with any clue about the supernatural. This does does double duty of both utterly discrediting anyone clued-in at the Department and best utilizing those who are clued-in.

Roy’s Senior Partner, Jessi is unaware that the Supernatural actually exists, but is firm in her understanding of Lore(As in the skill). Albeit, most of her Lore skill is garbage connecting the Romans who killed Christ with John Wilkes Booth and the Kennedy Assassination.

Phase III (Your First Adventure) Broken Shield

When a Retired Cop is murdered inside his own home by something from the spooky side, Roy must find the killer. But will he succeed when the Killer’s trail leads to a hired gun for the Vampire Courts?

Guest Starred: Zeb Ainar

Phase IV (Guest Starring): Surprise Cadence

When Jason Durant ends up in Roy’s Car with a monster on his tail at just the right time, the unlikely pair have a little fun…

Phase V: (Also Guest Starring) Trick of The Light

When a string of grisly murders hits Seattle, Roy finds him self crossing path with the White Council yet again. But will a mischievous youth he’s busted in the past be his ally or ruin the investigation?

Roy Mullenix

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